About Us

Here Is Why You Should Choose Us

For services we offer, the equation is simple…  We do it. = You save money.

The most important statement for all clients is our motto:  We are on your side

It does not matter where  the Business or Property you have for sale or seek to buy is located, we provide our services nationwide through a network of  trusted local partner agents to look after your interest in line with our Motto and Mission Statement.

We are fully licensed Real Estate Agents and Business Brokers acting for Buyers and Sellers of Australian Real Estate and viable Businesses. When you appoint us to represent YOU or when we supply any of our related services you will always SAVE MONEY – Guaranteed!

How can we can do this?

  • You do NOT pay for our fancy High Profile Office, we don’t have one and don’t need it. (Nobody does these days)
  • You do NOT pay for our self-image building high cost ads and marketing aids. (We don’t need them to serve you)
  • You do NOT pay for our “Big Brand” ongoing franchise fees. (We are independent operators and like it that way)
  • You do NOT pay us to wear pinstriped ARMANI suits and designer shoes. (We still provide professional services)
  • You do NOT pay us to employ a “high flyer” BDM (Business Development Manager) – we don’t need one – as all the services we offer, at the fees we charge, sell themselves.

Should we go on? We think you’ve got the picture. We are not overwhelmed by our own ego as some people in the industry are, 

We are just Real Guys in Real Estate and have real passion for Real Businesses, Real Property and Real  People.

To achieve our goal to be one of the most desirable service provider in the industry, we have implemented a few things “NEW” in our Real Estate and Brokerage services…

It is our Mission:

To provide the highest standard of service at the lowest possible price.

We are:

  • Market and area orientated
  • Professional and up-to-date
  • Dedicated and client focused
  • Dealing with respect and courtesy

Best of all

We are on your side… and you definitely SAVE MONEY!


Through unique, innovative and value packed services provided for our clients and customers.

And one final thing….

Please note:  Our services and fees are guaranteed to be the best value available on the market.

 To find out what we can do for you and how it works, please follow the links below.

Business Brokerage Services

For a comprehensive rundown on services provided CLICK HERE!

Property Marketing Services

We market your property  on our and major websites for moderate fees nationally and internationally, backed by full Real Estate services through nationwide partner agents without the usual high costs and commissions involved.

Buyers Agent Services

REAL GUYS offer affordable services packaged to satisfy your given criteria, or complete solutions for Local and International Buyers of Australian Businesses and Properties.

If you do not have the time and energy to search, research and evaluate, or you are an overseas buyer in need of assistance, or just want to have the experts on your side all the way, we offer Comprehensive Buyers Agent Services for peace of mind. For details CLICK HERE!

Migration Assistance

We represent, assist and advise overseas migrants in relation to buying a business or property in Australia and – through our expert partner Migration Agency – in regards to Visa Applications, moving to and settling in Australia.  For a NO obligation Migration Eligibility Assessment please register your interest and you will be contacted by our expert Migration Agent as soon as possible.

Venture Management

For details CLICK HERE!

Investment Solutions

For details CLICK HERE!