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REAL GUYS – Conjunction Specialists – with a motto: We are on your side

It does not matter where the Business or Property you seek to buy is located, we provide our services nationwide through a network of trusted local partner agents to look after your interest in line with our Motto and Mission Statement.

 Buyers Agent Services

For Business and Property  buyers – Commission FREE! *

We are proud to represent you – the Buyer – when it comes to buying Real Estate in all aspects of the market, be it a Business, Residential, Commercial, Industrial, or Rural property for owner Managed/Occupied or investment purposes.

We proudly offer representation and assistance to buy a Business as a going concern for local and overseas buyers.

As licensed Real Estate Agents and Business Brokers, we provide professional and quality services for a modest engagement and service fee that saves you a lot of time, frustration and money.

Our expert advice, negotiating skills and our local knowledge can mean a world of difference when it comes to contract terms, conditions and the final purchase price.

We believe, our Buyers Agent and Business Brokerage services are the best thing can happen to a serious business buyer or property seeker.  We are your own personal consultants, working for you dedicated, negotiating the lowest possible purchase price and general contract conditions in your favor, unlike the listing agent who works for the vendor.

If you are a buyer,

Any business or property anywhere in Australia listed with any agent or for private sale qualifies for our commission FREE* General Buyers Agent Services.

When you  already have found or intend to find your own dream property or business, we advise you to register for FREE and appoint us as your Buyers Agent before you contact any of the Listing Agents or vendor, we will do the initial contact for you.

This way you are our client and not just their customer, so we liaise and negotiate  with the listing agent or sellers  on your behalf and offer our General Buyers Agent Services to you – the buyer – commission FREE! *

General Buyers Agent Services

  • Initiate first contact and liaise with the sellers or their listing agents
  • Establish current market value and recommend final purchase price
  • Negotiate with sellers and/or their agents favorable contract conditions
  • Submit an Offer on your behalf and prepare all related documents (if applicable)
  • Liaise with professional services throughout the whole transaction
  • Organize Pest and/or Building inspections by qualified inspectors (at your cost)
  • Arrange and negotiate suitable property management services (if required)
  • Arrange valuation by licensed property or business valuer (if required at your cost)
  • Represent you and work on your behalf, and keep you updated from start to finish.

Additional Services

We have multiple levels of service packages available for modest fees to suit your needs and budget, from simple business or property searches to comprehensive purchase packages with detailed reports and analysis, to help you make well informed decisions.

Comprehensive Buyers Agent Services

If you are just sick of going through all listings over and over again or do not have the time and energy to search, research and evaluate, or you are an international buyer, or you just prefer to have the experts on your side all the way, we offer a Comprehensive Buyers Agent Service package for peace of mind. For more details CLICK HERE!

Remember, a Listing Agent works for his clients (the vendors) and required by law to act in their best interest (the highest selling price) and you are just their customer.

You are the client of your Buyers Agent who representing YOU and acting in YOUR best interest!

* If the particular business or property you intend buy is not listed with us or one of our partner agents and conjunctional sale or client referral cannot be realized or organized with the listing agent, applicable engagement and/or success fee for services ordered or rendered will be discussed at the time of our appointment.