Selling Tips


Conjunction Specialists with a motto: We are on your side

It does not matter where your Business or Property is located, we provide our services nationwide through a network of trusted local partner agents to look after your interest in line with our Motto and Mission Statement.

As we are dominantly Buyers Agents and offer unbeatable value and innovative services, we have an ever-growing  database of registered local and overseas buyers.  They receive regular updates of new listings and are constantly inquire to engage our services.


List your Business for sale with us and advertise here – and on major websites – where the buyers are!

Please contact us for a NO obligation and FREE Appraisal and marketability evaluation or a personal consultation to discuss an appropriate MARKETING PACKAGE to SELL YOUR BUSINESS.


Our 10% plus 10% plus Final Refund Discounting System is unique and unbeatable value.

What does it mean?

It simply means that the Total Selling Costs of your property will be a lot less than the generally accepted industry standard fee structure.

How does it work?

  •  Starts with a 10% saving on upfront agreed advertising fees and charges (Vendor only pays 90% and We will absorb 10%).
  • Followed with a 10% discount on the generally accepted industry average sales commission.
  • Finishes with another substantial saving as basic upfront advertising costs paid by the vendor are fully refunded from the sales commission on settlement.

Please note: General industry benchmark for basic advertising costs is at least 0.5% of the property value, and it is deemed as absolutely necessary to take your property through a comprehensive and viable marketing program.